Vermicelli served with grilled pork - This is a speciality of Bún Hậu Nghĩa - abún®

  • 07/06/2021

Vermicelli served with grilled pork, this is a typical dish of the special flavors of the Southern waterways, it is a harmonious combination of vegetables, bean sprouts, cucumber, sweet and sour fish sauce and an indispensable ingredient, which is grilled pork.

Enjoyers will begin to pour fish sauce into a bowl of grilled pork vermicelli, then mix it up one at a time so that everything is blended together. Usually keep a little fish sauce for dipping spring rolls, grilled pork and fermented pork roll. And if anyone wants to eat together, just put them all in the bowl quickly.

The Vermicelli served with grilled pork is suitable for everyone's taste, and it is not afraid of breakfast - lunch - afternoon - dinner, which can be enjoyed at any time without much concern.

Going everywhere, looking everywhere, you can see restaurants selling Vermicelli served with grilled pork, people and families all choose for themselves breakfast with the response to nutritional balance or the main lunch to fill the stomach, Use strength to work and study, in the afternoons when the hunger comes, a portion of Vermicelli served with grilled pork is standard or even in the evenings when it's spent hanging out with friends, gathering together around the children's table. Having a delicious Vermicelli served with grilled pork dish, that's enough.


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